Welcome reception


Lifelink Ode


Welcome to our service, how can we be of help to you?

Sorry if you’ve had to wait, you’re now top of the queue

Picking up the phone, can’t have been an easy task

But we’re ready and listening, with just a few questions to ask!


Now we have your details, let’s see what we can do

To help you find a counsellor, someone near to you

All our range of services will be explained by our therapist

But please don’t DNA, because we count appointments missed!


We have so much to offer, there’s lots that you can do

From face to face, groups, bodywork and now there’s COSCA too!

Our staff have friendly faces, and are very keen to serve

If you’re feeling down, with worries that can unnerve


We know that when life happens, it can make us all so stressed

But be assured with Lifelink, you’re supported by the BEST

Our diaries may be full, but everyone gets seen

To help you from your present drama, towards your future dream


GP’s often tell their patients’, Lifelink’s the place to go

They’ll give you space to help you heal, then begin to grow

Sometimes we make suggestions, sometimes you’ll jut vent

Our promise is each time we meet, we’ll give 100%


We’re proud of what we do well, and we do like to share

But we understand for clients, what matters is we care!

Our staff are highly skilled, we’ve new digs at Melisa house

The websites’ been revamped – come on click your mouse!


For everyone at Lifelink, its been a challenging year

Good people have left, some close and very dear

Btut new staff are in, and don’t they look so young and keen

Blending in with the old heads, where a few grey hairs can be seen!


So hopefully we’re through the worst of stormy weather

And we can all share a bright future, going forward together.


Hugh Thomlinson, Lifelink Practitioner