Groupwork supports personal development in mental and emotional management, self confidence and communication.


Learn to Relax using Mindfulness principles

Lifelink’s 4 week course provides an introduction to some relaxation techniques that incorporate basic Mindfulness principles. It aims to teach people to approach stressful situations ‘mindfully’ so they may respond to the situation instead of automatically reacting to it. In order to access Lifelink’s Relaxation Course, you will require a telephone assessment prior to attending. Contact Lifelink by telephone on 0141 552 4434, or complete Lifelink’s online referral form.

How do I access Lifelink’s Groupwork Services?

You may refer yourself directly into our services or be referred by your GP, Health Practitioner, or an organisation in your community. Service Centres and venues are available in neighbourhoods across Glasgow, and we will match you to the most suitable venue. To refer yourself or someone else for Lifelink’s services you can:


  Complete our online referral form here.
  Download our referral form here.
  Telephone us on 0141 552 4434


Services are available for adults aged 16 and over who are resident in Glasgow City.