Short Relaxation Sessions

One-off sessions across Glasgow to tackle stress and feel relaxed.

Stress management

Come along and learn to deal with stress, sleep better and feel better. Our Stress Management Courses are designed to offer people a better understanding of what stress is, how it affects their thoughts, feelings and behaviour and introduces them to new ways to use relaxation and stress management techniques to sleep better, take time out, to deal with stress better, and improve their wellbeing.


Mindfulness can be seen as a state in which one is highly aware and focused on the reality of the present moment, accepting and acknowledging it, without getting caught up in thoughts that are about the situation or in emotional reactions to the situation. This course aims to teach people to approach stressful situations ‘mindfully’.

Emotional Literacy

This 5 week course develops the ability to recognise, understand, handle and appropriately express emotions. Our emotional state has an important role in our wellbeing and our relationships. This course will help us become more ‘emotionally intelligent’ and help manage ourselves and our other relationships.

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