Lifelink are a social enterprise with a focus for providing a service which can intervene early, help individuals to manage their own stress and improve overall mental health. We aim to provide our services within a supportive and accessible therapeutic environment, particularly (but not exclusively) in areas of high deprivation and for people and communities most affected by health inequalities.

We want to provide a high-quality, client-centred service based on social models of health and take a community development approach. To ensure and enable this Lifelink works extensively in building and maintain high quality partnerships and relationships with a large range of strategic and delivery partners and networks.

Lifelink’s services are operated in response to commissioned work, grant funded programmes, service level agreements and new partnership agreements.

Our Aim

Lifelink aims to empower young people and adults to manage their stress more effectively, to reduce self-harm and suicide ideation and to support people to recognise and develop their personal strengths in order to strengthen emotional resilience and achieve full potential.

Our Mission

Lifelink’s mission is that every person we work with is healthier and happier where they live work and learn.

Our Governance

Lifelink is the trading name for Royston Stress Centre, established in 1992. We are a Charitable company limited by guarantee and managed by a board of directors who have the overall responsibility for governance, strategy and leadership. The company’s constitution is democratic with the board of directors elected by and drawn from the membership.

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Quality Assurance

Lifelink is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and complies with all eight principles of the act and additionally the six key principles of the Caldicott recommendations. All Lifelink staff follow principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. In undertaking the remit of the activities carried out as part of their role they ensure personal data is processed in accordance with the principles of the act.

Lifelink uses the following Acts and Policies for Quality Assurance:

  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • Freedom of Information Act 2002
  • Information and Asset Security Policy
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy
  • Disclosure of Information Policy

Professional Standards

Lifelink are a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and COSCA (Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland) and have Full Validation to deliver the COSCA counselling skills course. We are committed to ensuring all practitioners employed by Lifelink are professionally trained and fully qualified in their field. We ensure that all of our counselling practitioners are accredited by BACP or have a timetabled schedule and are supported to work towards it. Therapeutic staff and volunteers receive regular caseload supervision in line with BACP guidelines and are insured to practice and adhere to the ethics of BACP and the NHSGG&C counselling standards – and any other ethical bodies appropriate to therapeutic practice.