Custodial Care Services – HMP Barlinnie

With the number of prisoners with mental health problems appearing to be rising, Lifelink recognises that there is an increasing requirement for custodial care providers and prisons to respond to these issues, in line with the principals of international health and prison policy, through the delivery of public health services and promotion of good health.

Lifelink is well positioned to be able to work with partners to deliver a united health promoting environment within custodial care and prisons settings. We can implement a range of early and preventative interventions, in line with good practice, which improve health and well-being outcomes, reduce health inequalities and inspire hope for a different future for offenders.

90% of prisoners have some form of mental health issue, with nearly 70% experiencing 2 or more mental health problems

The Office for National Statistics, 1998

Working as part of multidisciplinary teams we can offer a range of outcome and evidence based, client centred services to improve mental health and wellbeing and achieve better outcomes for offenders. In addition, as an established service provider within the community we are able to offer streamlined through care for those who require ongoing intervention out with the prison environment.

Lifelink is currently commissioned by the Scottish Prison Service to deliver a crisis intervention service at HMP Barlinnie Prison.

Distress Brief Intervention – North Lanarkshire

Lifelink has recently been successful in securing a Scottish Government Project in North Lanarkshire to provide Distress Brief Intervention services. This 3 year pilot project, taking place in only 4 local authorities in Scotland follows an ask once, get help, approach and will see staff supporting adults in the area from December 2017.