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Module 1 – Beginnings: Advanced Communication Skills. Module 1 introduces the participant to the concepts and skills involved in a counselling approach. Skills, knowledge, self-awareness and ethics are interwoven throughout the exercises.

Module 2 – Exploration and Expansion.

Module 3 – Review and Reflection.

Module 4 – Integration

Counselling skills:

  • Are essentially good interpersonal or communication skills
  • Are based on active listening
  • Involve using verbal and non-verbal skills e.g. paraphrasing, asking questions in a helpful way, summarising, attending and responding to the speaker
  • Insert the qualities of acceptance, genuineness and empathy into a helping relationship
  • Are underpinned and informed by an understanding of counselling theory

Counselling skills can be used in the context of any kind of helping relationship as part of a counselling approach. The use of counselling skills does not necessarily require privacy and confidentiality, unless this is specifically negotiated.

The COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate

  • Provides a COSCA certificated 120 hour training programme in counselling skills
  • Is normally delivered over 4 Modules of 30 hours each
  • Can be accessed across Scotland via our expanding network of over 40 COSCA Validated Training Providers
  • Contains four strands: skills, knowledge, self-awareness and ethics
  • Uses experiential learning .e.g students practise skills in groups of three
  • Is mainly designed for people in helping or caring professions
  • Helps the individuals who complete it to develop and apply counselling skills to non-counselling settings
  • Gives a professionally recognised qualification in counselling skills
  • Provides an excellent starting point for those who wish to train as a counsellor or psychotherapist

There is a growing awareness that counselling skills can enhance performance in various inter-personal contexts that require people’s voices to be heard including:

  • Nursing, teaching and social work contexts
  • Personnel work
  • Welfare services
  • Staff development appraisal
  • Management relations
  • Residential and non-residential care

We believe that the COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate will help many workforces to carry out their roles and responsibilities more effectively.

Anyone who has an interest in learning counselling skills, and who has an opportunity to practice the skills learned on the course, can apply for a place on the COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate.

COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland) is the professional body for counselling and psychotherapy in Scotland.  We are a registered charity and a voluntary organisation committed to the promotion of not only counselling and psychotherapy but also the use of counselling skills in a variety of settings.

Lifelink is offering the COSCA counselling skills course at a competitive price of £250 per module or £925 for the full course if paid in full before the start date.


Lifelink have achieved Full Validation for the COSCA Counselling Skills Course.

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