What is it?

This 5 week course develops the ability to recognise, understand, handle and appropriately express emotions. Our emotional state has an important role in our wellbeing and our relationships. This course will help us examine our emotions and relationships with our self and with those people around us. This course will help us become more ‘emotionally intelligent’ and help manage ourselves and our other relationships.

Week 1

Orientation – Getting to know each other

Week 2

Developing self-awareness – Understanding yourself, emotional triggers,

Week 3

Developing self-management – Developing tools to manage the emotional triggers and self-compassion

Week 4

Developing awareness of others – understanding the benefits of empathy in relationships and how to strengthen this skill.

Week 5

Developing our relationship management – Looking at becoming assertive and lower aggression.

What can I expect on this course?

This course requires participation and discussion, all done in a supportive and safe environment.


To book onto this course please click here :- Eventbrite Emotional Literacy Course

Please note: These courses are freely available to anyone living in the Glasgow City Council area. If you do not have a Glasgow City postcode unfortunately we will not be able to offer you a place on this course.