What is it?

These relaxation workshops provide an excellent opportunity to take time to relax. Through the four weeks will introduce some basic principles from Mindfulness during the course.

Mindfulness can be seen as a state in which one is highly aware and focused on the reality of the present moment, accepting and acknowledging it, without getting caught up in thoughts that are about the situation or in emotional reactions to the situation. It aims to teach people to approach stressful situations ‘mindfully’ so they may respond to the situation instead of automatically reacting to it.

This 4 week course provides an opportunity to learn some relaxation techniques and discover a little about living life ‘Mindfully’.

What should I expect when I attend?

This course is delivered in a relaxed and informal learning environment. Trainer will discuss benefits of relaxation and concepts of Mindfulness with the majority of the class given to the trainer delivering relaxation exercises and facilitating group discussions. This relaxation will be seated and no requirement to bring a relaxation mat. Some discussion and feedback from participants is encouraged but not compulsory.

To book onto this course please click here :- Eventbrite Relaxation Course

Please note: These courses are freely available to anyone living in the Glasgow City Council area. If you do not have a Glasgow City postcode unfortunately we will not be able to offer you a place on this course.