Lifelink is:

  • A service to try and help you with any issues you are experiencing so they don’t get worse and need more intense support or treatment.
  • A service for support with mild to moderate mental health issues, such as, anxiety, depression or low mood.
  • A service to help you manage your stress levels.
  • One to one counselling support which can be offered in person or over the phone, daytime or evenings in one of our venues across Glasgow.
  • Lifelink also offer well being workshops to equip you with information, tools and techniques to help you manage stress on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in attending these please click here.

There are some thing Lifelink don’t offer:

  • Open ended support – if you are assessed as needing longer term counselling we will do our best to support you to access a different, more appropriate service.
  • Support for more severe trauma or long term historical issues.
  • A service where we diagnose people, i.e. with PTSD, Bipolar disorder, Personality disorders, etc.
  • A crisis service or telephone counselling session which has not been planned.
  • Services to people who are already accessing services elsewhere, such as counselling or psychiatric services (if you are seeing a CPN, Psychiatrist or any other mental health service it is not appropriate for you to access Lifelink at this time).
  • Services to people with a significant current level of addiction.
  • A befriending service or social, practical support, e.g. advocacy or help with housing or financial issues.
  • Report or letter writing service to support welfare claims.

To make a referral to a Lifelink service, please complete the form below. Alternatively call us on 0141 552 4434.

To enquire about our services for community partner organisations please use our enquiry form.

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