Relax and Listen

New Recording! – 10 minute Breathing Exercise

This short clip has been recorded by senior Lifelink therapist, Greta. Relax and allow yourself to be guided through a simple but effective breathing exercise that you can do in a lunch break or before sleeping.

These next recordings are best listened to, initially, in the order they are presented. However once you are familiar with them they can be listened to with your preference in any order.

Recognising the unsettled mind

This recording explores in a practical and experiential way how we can easily be carried off by our thoughts. It establishes that our awareness is different from our thoughts.



This recording explores what else we can experience as thoughts come and go. It shows that the mind can settle.


Three minute breathing space

This short recording, once learned, can be helpful during our busy day. For example standing in a busy queue, waiting in traffic or taking time out from a stressful episode.


Self Compassion Break

This recording reminds us that life can be difficult and that we are not perfect. It allows us to recognise our own humanness, to be a little kinder to ourselves when faced with life’s difficulties.


Body Scan Practice

This longer recording is best engaged in lying down and can be useful when sleep is a problem. Paying attention to our body in this structured way can be very relaxing and therapeutic.