Podcasts – Interview with the expert

Dr Jim White – Stress Control

Dr Jim White is an internationally renowned Consultant Clinical Psychologist and expert in the area of stress. Dr White talks here about experiences he’s had throughout a long career researching and training in stress and looking for ways to manage it therapeutically. Dr White discusses his views on the precedence of stress and top tips for looking after yourself – “Face your fears, Be more active, Boost your wellbeing”.


Dr Ross White – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr Ross White is a leading expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Dr White discusses the research behind ACT, how it can support positive mental well being and offers tips on skills you can take away to support your own mental health.



Charles Hazlewood – Music and Mental Health

Charles Hazlewood is a British conductor, composer and musical director responsible for conducting some of the world’s greatest orchestras – including the worlds first Paraorchestra, the first orchestra of musicians with disability who played the Closing Ceremony of the London Paralympics to a global audience of millions. Hazlewood talks to Lifelink on where his own interests in music came from, how it has the power to bond communities together and how it can have such a tremendous impact on positive mental health and wellbeing.