What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a confidential, one-to-one relationship in which an individual uses a more experienced person as a sounding board for guidance. It is a protected, non-judgemental relationship which facilitates a wide range of learning, experimentation and development.

Throughout the mentoring process the mentor will:

  • Establish expectations for the relationship during the initial meeting
  • Confirm roles
  • Define objectives
  • Set development tasks
  • Reflect
  • Review and evaluate
  • End relationship professionally

How does mentoring differ from counselling?

The mentor will actively listen to and understand issues from the mentee’s perspective, both the mentor and the mentee can communicate clearly, be open and non-judgemental and the mentor can use creative and innovative methods to challenge and empower their mentee. Where counselling takes place in a therapeutic setting mentors may become involved on an outreach basis of offer diversionary activities to the mentee.

How can mentoring help?

Through encouragement and affirmation offered throughout the mentoring process the young person can begin to:

  • Identify goals both short and long term, this may include (where applicable) academic and career-orientated options
  • Establish a focus
  • Explore their own attitudes and personal qualities
  • Identify their own abilities and limitations
  • Develop communication skills
  • Feel more empowered to make decisions and take risks
  • Develop motivation for change
  • Recognise choice

How can I access Lifelink’s mentoring services?

Lifelink currently offers one-to-one mentoring in the North West and South of Glasgow. If you are a young person who lives in either of these areas and think you could benefit from mentoring, read below to find out how to access our services.

North West Glasgow

Lifelink is the current provider of the MIDAS mentoring contract in North West schools. If you live in North West Glasgow, are aged 11-16 and meet two or more of the below criteria, speak to your school about how you can access Lifelink’s mentoring services. Referrals can also be made on behalf of a young person by schools.

  • At risk of offending and/or antisocial behaviour
  • Displaying behaviour which raises concern for 6 months or more
  • Not identified as a persistent offender

South Glasgow

If you are a young person living in Glasgow South and feel you could benefit from mentoring, phone the office on 0141 552 4434 or submit a referral.

Referrals can also be made by agencies, schools, parents and carers. The client must go through an initial assessment with one of our experienced counsellors before being given an appointment.